透過首飾探索生命本質 打造生物有機體美學 x 現代新型態首飾

我相信任何萬物與生命都是由微小粒子所組成,孕育出獨一無二的生命樣貌,設計師從生物及大自然為發想,打造獨具「生物有機體美學 x 現代新型態首飾 」之核心概念,利用抽象及有機造型來表現首飾多樣性,延續傳統並融入當代思維,賦予首飾深層的意義與價值。

We believe all the creatures and the lives are being consisted of microparticles and incubating the unique way of the appearance of life.  Starting the creatures and everything in nature, the designer intends to create the unique “the aesthetics of organic creatures x the modern new style of jewelry” as the core concept and to apply the abstract and the organic style of looks to express the diversity of the jewelry, and extend the tradition and simultaneously with the fusion of current way of thinking, and to give the deeper depth of the meaning and the value it bears.

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