Kaomin Studio  

Kaomin 最初從事雕塑及傳統金工,接觸當代金工後認為在當代藝術裡更有創造及可能性,Kaomin 將舊與新思維合而為一,技法上使用傳統工藝的形式,如強調紋理表現的「表面處理技法」,以及具手工形式的「軟硬蠟雕塑」,創造具抽象及有機造型的特殊表現,並加入許多當代藝術的巧思。除此之外希望將首飾以自然的方式回歸到最原始、純粹的本質,打破以往珠寶首飾框架, 創造現當代之首飾。

We believe all the creatures and the lives are being consisted of microparticles and incubating the unique way of the appearance of life.  Starting the creatures and everything in nature, the designer intends to create the unique “the aesthetics of organic creatures x the modern new style of jewelry” as the core concept and to apply the abstract and the organic style of looks to express the diversity of the jewelry, and extend the tradition and simultaneously with the fusion of current way of thinking, and to give the deeper depth of the meaning and the value it bears.

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